Minimal English

Ego, Desires, Emotions.

Fri 5 Dec, 2008

It was all meant to be.

He remembered his younger days, when his mother was dogmatic and manipulative, a grand puppeteer looming in the background. He remembered how he suddenly found all his female classmates removed from the class one day, and the grotesque truth he learnt about his mother having bribed the principal to provide him with a conducive learning environment. From high school, he had to give up on all the extra classes he had learnt to love – violin, golf, fine arts, medicine, chess, and business - and begin an apprenticeship with a relative’s shady organization outside school. In college, he was presented with a taped recording of him petting with his girlfriend in his office. He could still remember the horrified look of the girl as his mother replayed the video at full volume in the lobby. After that, he engaged a professional to discover there were bugs planted all over his existence, from his hostel room to his favorite cafe to his boxers. The first six months he ran away from home, he was constantly plagued by the suspicion of spies lurking around.

The fact was that he needed to be in love with Yin May, a woman as actively engaged in her short young life as he used to be, a woman who spent most of her time detached from him. He needed her to fill his void, to remind him constantly of the life he no longer lived, and to respect his autonomy. Perhaps it was precisely because he needed to meet Yin May that he was subjected to the kind of abusive invasion in his childhood. Whenever he felt cut off by Yin May, he imagined a life haunted by a parasitic woman crawling into every corner of his life and was instantly reassured by her aloofness.

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