Minimal English

Ego, Desires, Emotions.

Fri 10 Oct, 2008

When the mute teacher came into the classroom, his presence was immediately felt. The fragrance he wore was one of a kind, and reminded one of an ancient practice long forgotten. In contrast to the lanky Minglish teacher, M.’s classes were always filled with chatters and laughters, almost as though there was a need to fill in the teacher’s absence of words.

Not that there was any inadequacy on M.’s part. The yearly reports which analyzed the net and average improvement of students under each teacher, as well as the average grading by students of each, confirmed that M. was the best teacher in the school. The teacher whose students, for the third year running, had grades improved by a minimum of 31.67% and whose AAP (Average Adored Percentage) was at a striking 95% was, in short, a phenomenon. Drawn by the favorable and surrealistic success of M., every year applications for Private English clogged up the system and left most dejected.

M. saw himself as special, of course. In fact, he strongly believed the impairment from birth served as a reminder of his unique significance. When refused an interview by the first fifteen organizations and turned away by the authorities, he was coldly embittered. Then, when Mr. C. engaged him enthusiastically and offered him a 3-year contract, he promised himself to help his benefactor with building the most impressive English school in history.

When M. knew of the Minglish teacher and his infamous pursuit of the female student named Yin May, he was alarmed and quickly highlighted the perils to Mr. C., even going so far as to suggest his dismissal. ‘Why, don’t be silly, M. What he did was more than welcome. What kind of a company turns great without any scandals? Think of the publicity!’

M. was aware of the brilliance of his benefactor, but also convinced of the foolishness of his colleague. The last thing the school needed was an immature teacher and a slut of a student to turn his world upside down. And he was determined to do something about it.

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