Minimal English

Ego, Desires, Emotions.

Fri 5 Dec, 2008

He knew how signs were always throwing themselves at people, and how people would have seen for themselves the painful clarity of things if only they would just open their eyes and put in some imagination.

He didn’t have in mind direct signs of interest from Yin May. In fact, if Yin May had looked him right in the eye and said she wanted him, he would have thrown a blanket over himself and slept it off and accounted it as a dream. After all, it’s too easy to distrust direct revelations.

It’s the other things that consolidated his belief in this venture: the surreal way he was sure he first met her; the way her friends would keep from nudging her or raising their eyebrows each time he called her name in class; the number of times he did not bump into her after class that was surely unnatural; the intense competition for her he could sense from every man in the room - all these on top of the cultural, language, age and hierarchical barriers already in place.

It was the kind of perfect love laden with hurdles and bestowed only on the blessed few, and he constantly congratulated himself for having recognized it from the start.

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