Minimal English

Ego, Desires, Emotions.

Fri 5 Dec, 2008

By one of her many insistences, Yin May did not believe in perfection.

In the first place, she was born with too perfect a body to live with, even for her. Since puberty, men and women looked at her with such reverence and fear she felt she could not let them down. In the beginning, she took to extreme sports and an austere lifestyle. When these became unbearable, she went for surgical enhancements, where she was informed she could be enhanced no more. Finally, frustrated and sick of living in the eyes of others, she gave up trying and began indulging. Her perfect body stayed, and she was now overwhelmed by futility, and had to live with the hopelessness of being judged as long as she lived.

To add insult to injury, she was born with a perfectly symmetrical face. She used to remember herself as a simple little girl whose only pleasure was counting her toes. As she grew older and lovelier, undesirable characteristics mushroomed within herself in response to the exterior world: she became proud, selfish, cold, greedy, mean, bitchy, and cruel, among others. All she really sought, in this short miserable life, was to be plain, and preferably ignored. She would be a simple girl-next-door with a simple job and a simple husband, and die simply.

When she confided these to him during the freshmen consultation, he was profoundly touched. Perfection in the sense of absence of faults made no sense to him; on the other hand, every imperfection confessed or discovered was an added dimension, making one more perfect by the flaw. He was inspired: to reach for greater heights, and to protect her from the harsh world that was destroying her daily with its cruel whims. And he realized she had the most beautifully crafted cleavage he had ever seen.

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